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Patched xshell.xex


This is released as is, I’m not responsible for any issues!
All testing was performed while running a modified developer kernel similar to rgloader. It it highly recommended that you test running this file from a folder before replacing the original xshell.xex your console loads on boot.

What’s Patched?

The xshell.xex files provided have been hand patched (by me) to skip mounting the xlaunch.fdf file that contains all the required resources such as the background image. Instead it will attempt to read these resource files from a folder on your Hdd. There are 2 options Hdd:/XShellTheme OR /SystemRoot/XShellTheme (Hdd:/Filesystems/17489-dev/XShellTheme on RGLoader) depending on which xex you use.

But Why?

This allows the quick and easy replacement of ui resource files when creating themes or if you simply want to change the background image.




I may have released these files publicly elsewhere when I originally patched them over a year and a half ago. No changes have been made between then and now so there’s no need to redownload if you already have them.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.